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Have complete customer information with you on-the-go. ACT!™ for Palm OS® is the first-ever, complete contact management system designed specifically for Palm OS handhelds. Have your ACT! with you everywhere - whether in the office or on-the-go!

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Part Number: 07CN10USCL00

Product Name: Have complete customer information with you on-the-go. ACT!™ for Palm OS® is the first-ever, complete contact management system designed specifically for Palm OS handhelds. Have your ACT! with you everywhere - whether in the office or on-the-go!.

ACT!™ for Palm OS® is the first-ever, complete contact management system designed specifically for Palm OS handhelds. It's ACT! on the Palm and comes complete with a powerful contact database that tracks notes, histories, activities, and sales opportunities for your best contacts along with a linked calendar and task list — all integrated into one easy-to-use application. Now you can have your ACT! with you everywhere — whether in the office or on-the-go!

Have complete customer information with you on-the-go.
  • Synchronize over 60 pre-defined fields and 15 custom fields for complete information on your best contacts.
  • Store multiple addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, websites, and more for each contact.
  • Keep date and time-stamped notes on each contact to store notes from conversations, meetings details, thoughts, and more.
  • Get one tap access to view notes, histories, activities, sales opportunities, and group memberships — directly from the contact record.
  • Automatically create and view contact histories to track every activity that has taken place with each of your contacts.
  • Call contacts directly from ACT! with your PDA phone for any phone number and even edit the phone number before dialing.

Find contact and activity information instantly.
  • Find a contact or list of contacts based on zip code, city, company, phone number and other fields.
  • Search on company, first name, last name, phone, ID/status, or other fields, including e-mail, city, state, and zip.
  • Enter a letter or the first few letters of what you're searching for to instantly see the corresponding Contact List that meets your search criteria.
  • Customize the Contact List display to show contact name, company name, phone number, title, e-mail, home phone, mobile phone, and many more combinations.
  • Tap on any contact and go to that record where you'll see all associated notes, activities, histories, sales opportunities, and more.
  • Use pop-up lists and type-ahead features to minimize graffiti use.
  • Jump to the contact list, calendar views, or task list by using your device's hardware buttons. Or use the rocker button(s) to toggle through activities or contacts.
  • Even use the Palm OS Global Search to find any detail in contact records, notes, histories, or sales opportunities.

Stay on top of your schedule with ease.
  • Schedule unlimited calls, meetings, and to-do items without typing or graffiti — adding details for any event to store complete driving directions, conference call numbers, agendas, and more with each event.
  • View daily, weekly, or monthly calendars — or use the "Goto" feature to instantly see your calendar for any date you specify.
  • Click on the contact icon in the daily calendar and instantly go to the associated contact's record.
  • Clear completed activities to the contact's history log, and schedule follow-up meetings with a few taps.
  • View all your calls, meetings, and to-do items in the task list or filter by activity type, priority, or date range.
  • Schedule recurring activities in one easy step to easily track repetitive activities.
  • Be reminded of important events with pop-up alarms. Alarms will even "wake up" your device if it's turned off.

Meet your sales goals with confidence.
  • Manage your sales pipeline with built-in sales tracking and opportunity forecasting tools.
  • Enter new sales opportunities easily by choosing from customized drop-down lists for product and type. You customize these lists in ACT! 6.0 or ACT! Express, and you'll see the same choices in ACT! for Palm.
  • Enter in units and price to keep track of the total sales amount. Then, estimate the opportunity close date and probability of close for more accurate forecasting.
  • Move prospects through your specific sales cycle by changing the customized sales stage with a single tap.
  • Tap Complete when the sale is final and enter in results, actual close date, and other details.
  • Add details to any Sales Opportunity to track more complete information.
  • Run built-in sales reports from the ACT! Express or ACT! 6.0 desktop.

Complete integration with desktop component, ACT! Express, or ACT! 6.0.

  • ACT! Express desktop is included free with ACT! for Palm and is a limited version of ACT! for Windows that includes an easy-to-use contact database, built-in calendar, word processor, and report generator.
  • Existing ACT! users please note that ACT! Express has limited functionality compared to ACT! 5.0, ACT! 2000, and ACT! 6.0. It is recommended that ACT! 5.0 and ACT! 2000 users upgrade to ACT! 6.0.
  • Always have the most recent changes regardless of where you entered them. ACT! for Palm performs field level synchronization with your desktop component so your desktop and device are always in sync
  • Use the built-in reports to quickly summarize sales information.
  • Create mail-merged documents to any contact or group of contacts with a single click.
  • Access consistent information. Custom drop-down lists for sales opportunities and activities sync down to the device.
  • Groups and subgroups created on the desktop will be on the Palm for easy management of account-based activities.
  • Import contacts, activities, and tasks directly from Palm Desktop into desktop component, then sync these items to your device.

Please note that the following features are not supported in ACT! for Palm OS at this time.

  • Beaming of contacts and activities to other Palm users.
  • Telephony features found on the Samsung.
  • Synchronization beyond 60 pre-defined fields and 15 custom fields.
  • Synchronization with ACT! 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0/2000. (Existing ACT! 5.0/2000 users should upgrade to ACT! 6.0)
  • Sending and receiving e-mail on the handheld from within ACT! for Palm OS.
  • It also recommended that you set ACT! Link 2.0 to the "Do Nothing" synchronization setting when synchronizing with ACT! for Palm.

Handheld Device:

  • Palm OS version 3.5, 4.0, 4.1, and 5.0.
  • 400K free memory plus an additional 1K for each contact
  • 8MB, 33 MHz processor device recommended

Windows Desktop:

  • ACT! 6.0 (sold separately) or ACT! Express (included free with ACT! for Palm OS). Previous versions of ACT! are not compatible.
  • Microsoft Windows® 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP
  • 133 MHz processor or higher
  • 64MB of memory or higher
  • VGA or higher monitor resolution
  • 50MB of free hard disk space
  • HotSync version 3.5 or higher
  • CD-ROM drive

Now supports Palm OS 5 and users with PDA phones can call contacts directly from ACT! for any phone number.

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