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FileMaker Pro v6.0 Unlimited - Full Retail Box for both PC & MAC

(Click to Enlarge) FileMaker Pro v6.0 Unlimited - Full Retail Box
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Part Number: 590200U

Product Name: FileMaker Pro v6.0 Unlimited - Full Retail Box for both PC & MAC.

Publish Your Databases over the Web FileMaker Pro V6 Unlimited enables powerful Internet and intranet Web database publishing which brings expanded productivity to the workgroup, helping you manage and share important information over your intranet or Internet. With the FileMaker Web Server Connector, users can easily integrate FileMaker Pro with third-party Web servers to provide increased performance, security and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support to their Web solutions. Companies can use multiple licensed copies of FileMaker Pro V6 Unlimited to set up a redundant array of inexpensive computers (RAIC) structure to provide load balancing and fault tolerance, and ensure operation through fail-over situations. FileMaker Pro V6 Unlimited may also be used with a wide variety of middleware applications, CGIs, and application servers for large-scale customized Web solutions. Web database publishing has never been easier. Use FileMake Pro V6 Unlimted to: Utilize all the features and power of FileMaker Pro V6 Provide access to FileMaker Pro databases published over the Web Leverage leading Web server features Support JDBC and XML Increase the scalability and performance of your FileMaker Pro databases over the Web

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