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Goldmine 6.5 Business Contact Manager 5-User Pack Full Version - Retail Box

(Click to Enlarge) Goldmine 6.5 Business Contact Manager - 5 User Pack
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Part Number: GMSIP0166

Product Name: Goldmine 6.5 Business Contact Manager 5-User Pack. Full Version - Retail Box. .

Goldmine Business Contact Manager 6.5 5-User User

Shorten Sales Cycles and Drive Revenue Out of the box, GoldMine® helps increase productivity through team-based collaboration, centralized customer information, and tools for streamlining sales and marketing processes.

GoldMine® equips professionals, SOHOs (Small Offices/Home Offices), small businesses and teams with customer/contact management, automated processes and workgroup tools.

GoldMine® Corporate Edition enables entire small to medium-sized enterprises or distributed enterprises to effectively manage every facet of business relationships.

Rich Contact Management Get instant access to your centralized customer and contact information, including complete histories.
Time Management Stay on top of your day with reminders, alerts and a complete view of your schedule.
Document and Campaign Management Automate mass mailings by easily generating targeted, personalized email, letters and faxes from a central location - and track results!
Opportunity Management Get immediate updates for your pipeline and track products, prospects, revenue potential, and closing dates in real time.
Team-Based Collaboration Share critical information across the whole team, inside and outside your office.
Reporting and Analysis Analyze your leads, sales, and marketing so you can concentrate efforts on the strategies that are delivering results!
Forecasting Sort sales by product or probability and see weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly quotas.

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