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(Click to Enlarge) IOGEAR MiniDock: USB1.1 PORT REPLICATOR (GUC2000L)
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Part Number: GUC2000L_CPN

Product Name: IOGEAR MiniDock: USB1.1 PORT REPLICATOR (GUC2000L).

USB MiniDock™ Port replicator - Universal U S B Port replicator

The MiniDock™ allows you to connect all of your standard desktop peripherals to virtually any notebook with one simple connection. It contains U S B, Serial, Parallel, Mouse and Keyboard ports (PS/2), plus an Ethernet port. It connects to your computer through a U S B port.

Connect your mouse, keyboard, printer and scanner to the MiniDock and with one simple connection, have the comfort and convenience of a portable computer. When it's time to leave the office, simply pull the U S B cable out of your notebook and you are ready to go. No more transferring files from your desktop to your laptop.

Using the U S B Docking Station means the next time you change notebooks, you won't have to buy a new docking station.

The MiniDock is great for small office workers and corporate day extenders alike. For the first time in the industry, mobile PC users can customize the communications technologies and peripheral device connections they need into one simple solution - and with the option to add more in the future.

With the MiniDock you can gain the advantages of USB without having to invest in new printers and modems. The I O G E A R MiniDock connects to your PC with a single U S B cable instead of a tangled web of wires. The MiniDock allows you to add 2 U S B devices to your PC. You can add additional hubs and connect up to a total of 127 devices. Easy U S B installation makes adding new hardware a breeze. No complex installation, confusing cables and plugs or IRQ's to worry about. And no more rebooting of your PC! The U S B Docking station is the best way to retain your investment in mice, printers and modems while enjoying the ease of use of U S B.


  • Full Compliance with the U S B Specification v1.1
  • Data Transfer Rate of 12 Mbps
  • Multiple Output Ports:
  • 2 Additional USB downstream ports
  • Serial (DB-9) Port
  • Parallel (DB-25) Port
  • PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard Ports
  • RJ-45 10BaseT Ethernet Port
  • Portable - Compact and Lightweight
  • Allows Multiple Devices to be connected simultaneously
  • LED lights indicate power, USB port status and TX/RX status of the network
  • USB to Parallel is Bi-directional
  • Printer port is IEEE-1284 compliant
  • Plug-n-Play
  • Supports Windows 98 / 2000 / ME

Connect to your PC notebook using this port

Connect to your printer through this port

Connect to your network through this RJ-45 port

  • For PC Users
  • Windows® 98SE,2000, ME

  • G U C 2 0 0 0 L - Universal U S B Port Replicator
  • Warranty Card
  • Users Manual
  • DC 5V 2.1A Power adapter
  • 6' USB A-B Cable

Function G U C 2 0 0 0 L
Cable Length 6 ft.
Case Qty. 20
Depth 13.0in./33cm
Height 14.0in./35.6cm
Width 20.0in./50.8cm
Height 1.12 in.
Length 4.46 in.
Width 2.88 in.
Case Plastic
Humidity 20-80% RH, (Non Condensing)
On Line 2 USB, 1 ENet
Power On 1
Operating System Support Win 98SE, 2000, ME
Operating Temperature 20 to 50 degrees (Celsius)
Package Dimensions
Depth 2.5in./6.4cm
Height 6.5in./16.5cm
Width 9.5in./24.1cm
Ports (2) USB 1.1, (1) DB-9 male serial, (1) DB-25 female parallel, (2) PS/2 keyboard/mouse, (1) 10BT ENet
Power Connections DC Power adapter (included)
Power Consumption DC 5.0V
Storage Temperature 0 to 70 degrees (Celsius)
Transfer Rate USB 12 Mbps, ENet 10 Mbps
USB Specification USB 1.1 compliant
Case Wt. 32lbs./14.5kg
Package Wt. 1.5lbs./680g

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