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Mastering Quickbooks Premier & Pro 2004 For PC and MAC

(Click to Enlarge) Mastering Quickbooks Premier & Pro 2004 for PC and MAC
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Part Number: MSTQB04

Product Name: Mastering Quickbooks Premier & Pro 2004. For PC and MAC.

Mastering QuickBooks Premier 2004 is a must-have simulation for the beginner, as well as a handy reference tool for experienced business accountants.

The step-by-step narration guides you through a myriad of the latest QuickBooks tools and procedures, then helps you quickly and easily apply them to your own real-world projects.

Follow Step-by-Step, Narrated Instructions - Learn Special Tips to Solve Common Problems - Work with Dynamic Simulations, Not Sequential Static Displays - Up to 20X Faster than Learning from a Book - Training Time: Approximately 48 Hours. - Build your own lessons for classroom or individual use

Lessons Include:

Lesson 1: Introduction to New QuickBooks 2004
Lesson 2: Configuring QB 2004 Options
Lesson 3: Generating Invoices in QB 2004
Lesson 4: QB 2004 Payment Features
Lesson 5: Managing Accounts Receivable
Lesson 6: Preparing Accounts Payable Bills
Lesson 7: Using QB 2004 to Pay Your Bills
Lesson 8: Handling Payroll with QB 2004
Lesson 9: Government Payroll Reports
Lesson 10: Tracking Your Inventories in QB 2004
Lesson 11: Making Checkbook Adjustments
Lesson 12: Bank Account Management
Lesson 13: Using QuickBooks' Budgeting and Planning Tools
Lesson 14: QB 2004 Journal Entries
Lesson 15: Generating General Ledger Reports
Lesson 16: How to Register for Online Banking
Lesson 17: QB 2004 Year-End Procedures
Lesson 18: Time Tracking
Lesson 19: Using QB 2004 Timesheets for Payroll
Lesson 20: Understanding the Timer Feature
Lesson 21: Configuring QB 2004 Preferences
Lesson 22: Backup and Restore Files

A must have simulation for beginners, as well as a handy reference tool for experienced business accountants. The Cd contains more than 20 lessons for QuickBooks.

The step by step narration explains the latest QuickBooks tools, then helps you apply those tools directly and immediately to your own real-world projects.

* If QuickBooks Premier 2004 is currently installed on your computer, you may use it to practice along with Mastering QuickBooks Premier 2004; however, no actual QuickBooks Premier 2004 program is needed to run the dynamic simulations on this CD!

Exclusive Training Features:

Keyword Searchability: Quickly and Easily Search for Topics by Entering Keywords
Smart Window: Resizable Simulation Window for Individual Monitor Viewing Convenience
Presentation Ready: Simulation Can Be Easily Set for Either Learning or Demo Modes

Includes: Mastering Intuit QuickBooks Premier 2004
Mastering Intuit QuickBooks 2001 and Quicken 2000 Deluxe

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