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MYOB FirstEdge for MAC v1.2 - Full Version - Retail Box

(Click to Enlarge) MYOB FirstEdge for MAC v1.2 - Full Version - Retail Box
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Part Number: MFURM

Product Name: MYOB FirstEdge for MAC v1.2 - Full Version - Retail Box.

About FirstEdge

Simple, ultra-affordable small business management. Designed exclusively for the needs of very small and home-based business, MYOB FirstEdge easily organizes all of your business data in one place and provides quick access to the financial reporting you need to more efficiently run your small business.

Especially well suited for freelance graphic and web designers, consultants, and other small service-oriented businesses with one or two employees, FirstEdge allows you to easily take control of the basics of your small business...


  • 83 starter charts of accounts or build your own
  • 4 levels of account detail
  • Customize your accounts
  • Mark unused accounts as inactive
  • Create journal transactions
  • Save journal transactions as recurring
  • Historical Balancing account
  • Retained Earnings account


  • View and access all financial transactions from Bank Register
  • Create all financial transactions from Bank Register
  • Save transactions to use as recurring
  • Import downloaded online statement into FirstEdge
  • Open as many checking or credit card accounts as you want
  • Consolidate funds on deposit slips
  • Reconcile checking accounts as of a past date
  • Enter interest earned and service fees from the Reconciliation screen
  • Drill down from Reconcile Accounts screen to original transactions
  • Enter bank statement date to show only transactions applicable to that date
  • Customize checks

Sales & Receivables

  • View and access all sales status and transactions from the Sales Register
  • Create all sales transactions from the Sales Register
  • Add lines, headers, subtotals to invoices
  • Create quotes or invoices
  • Change quotes to invoices in a single click
  • Email or fax invoices for faster payment
  • Enter a different bill to and ship to address
  • Choose between 5 ship to addresses
  • Create unlimited sales tax codes
  • Set credit terms per customer or per sale
  • Expanded description fields
  • Customizable invoices and quotes
  • Attach each line item to a job
  • Import a high resolution graphic on invoice
  • Service, Item, Professional, Miscellaneous Sales
  • Save Recurring Sales to use again
  • Drill down from sales forms to see original invoice
  • Add phone, fax and salutation to invoices

Find Transactions

  • Available from each command center
  • Organized in tabs by category
  • Various search criteria including advanced search
  • Includes totals
  • Print a Customer Activity Statement for a date range
  • Look up an invoice by invoice # or customer PO #


  • Track customer, vendor, employee and personal cards
  • Track up to 5 shipping addresses per contact
  • One-click email to contacts
  • Assign custom lists and fields to each contact
  • Include a graphic on the contact card
  • Mark unused contact cards as inactive
  • Assign and search by card ID #
  • Track customer payment details, including charge card numbers and expiration
  • Keep a 5 year history of a customer's sales
  • Enter selling details per customer including sales form type, income account, shipping method, credit limit and tax information
  • Enter payment details including credit card numbers and expiration dates


  • Over 60 reports; organized into convenient tabs by category
  • Available from every command center
  • View a description of what each report contains
  • View a sample of your report
  • Create and save customized reports
  • Email reports in PDF format
  • Save reports in HTML format for the web
  • Fax reports


  • Create unlimited # of jobs
  • Assign jobs to customers
  • View reports on jobs, including job Profit & Loss


  • Create unlimited # of items
  • Include a graphic of item on item card
  • Assign custom lists and fields to each item
  • Track sales history for each item
  • Mark items as inactive when no longer using

Transaction Journal

  • Available from each command center
  • Organized in tabs by category
  • View journals by date range

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