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MYOB Plus v12 for Windows FULL - Retail

(Click to Enlarge) MYOB Plus v12 for Windows FULL - Retail
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Part Number: MPURW

Product Name: MYOB Plus v12 for Windows FULL - Retail.

Easy to use, #1 rated MYOB Plus offers power and flexibility in a full-featured business management solution. Stronger inventory-management capability than QuickBooks Pro, and easier to use than Peachtree Complete, MYOB Plus is teriffic for virtually any kind of small businesses as MYOB Plus provides the tools necessary to more efficiently run your business. The easy set-up wizard and 100 business templates let you get started quickly and its award winning design makes mastering MYOB Plus a breeze. Easily produce all the financial and management reports you or your accountant will ever need. You can even give your accountant a free copy of Plus so they can best support you (coupon in box). Growing businesses can easily use MYOB Plus on a network by simply purchasing one additional license for each extra user on the network.

MYOB Plus is an integrated, real time accounting solution for small businesses of all kinds. It's an excellent choice for business people who are looking for a powerful financial solution that integrates practical business management tools capable of positively affecting the company's bottom line.

MYOB Plus is a fully integrated, double entry accounting solution including general ledger, checkbooks, sales, purchasing, payroll, time billing, inventory and card file functions, as well as on-screen analysis, jobs management, 100 starter charts of accounts and over 100 financial and management reports. In addition, the MYOB OfficeLink feature allows direct, one click access to Microsoft Office's Word and Excel, making MYOB Plus a solid financial and business management tool. It's double entry accounting but you only have to enter the data once - MYOB Plus does all of the accounting for the user!

Through the years MYOB has won every major industry award including PC Magazine Editor's Choice, PC World Best Buy, MACWORLD Editor's Choice & World Class Awards as well as MacUser Editor's Choice Winner "Eddy."
One of the most compelling features of Plus is its user interface. It allows users to easily navigate through the product, which also allows a short learning curve. Accountants and end users alike love the fact that Plus keeps very tight accounting controls - but without requiring the user to become an accounting expert to do so. MYOB Plus is complete double entry accounting. But unlike other packages, all of the accounting is done automatically in the background. MYOB Plus was created with the businessperson in mind. You don't need to be an accountant to use Plus.

Another one of Plus' differentiating strengths is its ability to take the accounting data and turn it into useful information vital to efficient business management. Specifically its To-Do List is an interactive list that allows you to conduct most of your day to day financial management activities all on one screen. This is the most useful business management tool offered by any accounting software package. Another business management feature unique to Plus is the MYOB Analyst. Financial data won't do you any good if you can't get to it easily. The MYOB Analyst is a tireless assistant when you want to make the most of your accounting data. Plus gives you instant access to budget reports, graphs, performance-to-date analysis, and countless other vital services.

MYOB Plus - Powerful, Flexible, yet easy to Use.


  • Choose from 100 starter charts of accounts
  • Get started fast with Easy Setup Assistant
  • View cash and/or accrual reports for P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Track categories for fund or division accounting
  • Set up multiple foreign currency accounts
  • Track 4 levels of account detail
  • Create and track accounts for jobs and sub-jobs
  • Customize your own accounts
  • Maintain an historical balancing account
  • Mark unused accounts as inactive
  • View by account name or account number
  • Let the Smart Account Selection bring you to the correct account category for your transaction entry
  • Purchase network licenses for multi-user access
  • Open your MYOB Plus for Windows company file across platforms in MYOB AccountEdge for Windows and vice versa


  • See a running balance and an at-a-glance view of your bank account status from the Bank Register
  • Access past transactions and create new transactions from the Bank Register
  • Import downloaded online statement into MYOB Plus and let MYOB Plus match them up for fast bank statement reconciliation
  • Choose which funds to include on a single bank deposit
  • Get a report on your undeposited funds
  • Print a report of your new deposit to take to the bank
  • Open as many checking accounts as you want
  • Write checks in foreign currencies
  • Deposit foreign currency checks
  • Reconcile checking accounts as of a past date
  • Reconcile foreign checking accounts
  • Reconcile local checking accounts containing foreign currency transactions
  • Enter interest earned and service fees from the Reconciliation screen
  • Drill down from Reconcile Accounts screen to original transactions
  • Enter bank statement date to show only transactions applicable to that date

Sales & Receivables

  • Use the Sales Register to view sales status and create sales, quotes, orders
  • Accept payments, pay refunds, apply credits from the Sales Register
  • Include Time and Materials on a single Invoice
  • Add lines, headers, subtotals to invoices
  • Change quotes and orders to invoices and switch back and forth
  • Track the source of your sales
  • Create a memo for each line on an invoice for better tracking, then view a memo report
  • Sell goods and services in foreign currencies
  • Bill for time spent with a client or on a project
  • Write off or carry over billable time
  • Enter an unlimited number of sales tax codes, including duties
  • Enter expenses to be automatically reimbursed from jobs
  • Set credit terms per customer or sale
  • Use expanded description fields on forms
  • Customize your sales forms
  • Attach each line item to a job
  • Include high resolution graphics on sales forms
  • Choose from Service, Item, Professional and Time Billing sales forms
  • Save sales forms as recurring for repeated use
  • Email your sales forms
  • Drill down from sales forms to access original information
  • Add phone, fax and salutation
  • Access a customer activity statement for a date range
  • Look up an invoice by invoice # or customer PO #
  • Track backorder quantity on invoice
  • Receive warning if duplicating Customer PO# or Vendor Invoice #

Purchases & Payables

  • Use the Purchases Register to view purchases status and create purchases, quotes, orders
  • Create purchases, orders and quotes
  • Pay bills, receive refunds and apply debits to purchases from the Purchases Register
  • Purchase goods and services in foreign currencies
  • Look up purchase by PO # or by vendor invoice #
  • Select credit terms by vendor or by individual purchase order
  • Track backorder quantity on purchase orders
  • Drill down from purchases
  • Email purchases to vendors


  • Set up your payroll easily with predefined income, deductions, accruals, and employer expenses - or define your own
  • Set employees pay as hourly, salary or non-cash wages
  • Let MYOB Plus automatically calculate payroll taxes
  • Include Year to Date on Payroll stub
  • Access real time update to Balance Sheet and P&L Statement
  • Use virtually limitless wage, deduction and accrual categories
  • View 16 payroll reports
  • Print W-2s, W-3s, 1099s and 1096s

Professional Time Billing

  • Track write-offs and carryovers
  • Bill by employee, client or activity
  • Bill by hours, increments of hours or by unit
  • Track chargeable and non- chargeable time
  • Use integrated timer to track time
  • Import/export time billing information


  • Use the Items Register to see an inventory audit trail of how you arrived at current inventory status
  • Price the same item differently with 30 different prices per item, including 6 user named price breaks and 5 user defined quantity breaks
  • Define 3 user named item fields per item - searchable on reports
  • Define 3 user named lists
  • Place a high resolution graphic of item on item card
  • Create item numbers with up to 30 alphanumeric digits
  • Use the Copy From button for easy transfer of item information
  • Buy, build or backorder low stock items automatically
  • Build finished goods from components
  • Track sales tax per inventory item
  • Receive low inventory warning
  • Mark unused items as inactive


  • Customize data presentation and calculations for each customer and vendor
  • Store 5 ship to addresses along with 3 phone, an email and web address and fax number for each of the 5 addresses per customer or vendor
  • Create letters with one-click access to Microsoft® Word and let MYOB Plus fill in personalized information on letter templates, such as amount owed for collection letters
  • Create custom lists and fields for contacts
  • View a summary of contact notes
  • Group contacts according to identifiers
  • Generate mailing labels
  • Mark unused contact cards as inactive

To Do List

  • Access a single location to view all money owed and due, recurring transactions, contact and inventory alerts, and expiring discounts
  • Set your company file preferences to show you your To Do List upon opening

Jobs Management

  • Track jobs and sub-jobs
  • Track Job revenue, direct costs, expenses, P&L


  • Access over 177 reports
  • View reports according to cash or accrual based accounting
  • Customize and save reports
  • Send reports Microsoft® Excel for 'what if' analysis, then save for future use
  • View reports on-screen the way you like

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