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Peachtree Complete Accounting 2002 Multi User Value Pack (Unlimited Users) - Retail

(Click to Enlarge) Peachtree Complete Accounting 2002 Multi User Value Pack (Unlimited Users) - Full Retail.
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Part Number: PCWMU2002RT_CPN

Product Name: Peachtree Complete Accounting 2002 Multi User. Value Pack (Unlimited Users) - Retail.

Click here for version 2003 - Now In Stock Peachtree Complete® Accounting 2002 includes the robust, network-ready accounting features you want, and helps provide the valuable insight you need. Better manage your accounting and business with such advanced features as job costing, time and billing, the Financial Manager, and more! Peachtree Complete helps you get the insight behind your numbers.

Peachtree Complete Accounting provides small businesses with not only easy-to-use standard accounting features, but also the advanced features they need for both added control and peace-of-mind. Plus, service-based businesses can bill, pay and report even more accurately with Complete's comprehensive time and expense tracking.

Time-Saving Accounting Features

General Ledger

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable



Reporting and Analysis Tools

Do you have more than two employees accessing your accounting at the same time? If so, Peachtree Complete allows multiple employees to view and modify your business information on your network simultaneously. Purchase one copy of Peachtree Complete, for every workstation you use, or buy the Peachtree Complete Multi-User Value Pack for an unlimited user site license.

Safeguard Your Data with Screen-Level Password Security
You decide who has access to your accounting and at what level. Choose to give employees access at the module level, or drill down to five screen levels of access-no access, read, add, edit and full-for your more specific security needs.

Get Finances in a Flash
Get a snapshot view of your business's overall financial performance with Peachtree's Financial Manager! Unlike other accounting systems that require you to create special reports to review your business performance, Peachtree's Financial Manager gives you both a business summary and key balance information so you see the full picture in minutes, and without creating reports. You'll review such popular ratios as Cost of Sales, Profit Margins and more, as well as up-to-the-minute balances on cash, accounts receivable and other vital information.

E-mails generated by Alerts
With the e-mail Alert feature, you can set the system to monitor key elements of your operations and have an e-mail alert generated when certain conditions are met, to keep you operating efficiently. For instance, your purchasing manager can be notified by e-mail when an inventory item drops below a certain level, or your payroll manager can be alerted when an hourly employee exceeds a certain number of hours.

Get Remote Access to Your Data With the Peachtree Web Accounting™ Service
Access your Peachtree data from both your desktop and the Internet using Peachtree Web Accounting. You and your offsite personnel can quickly and securely view key desktop accounting data and perform daily tasks such as entering transactions and running reports -- all from the Internet! Your accountant can view your financial data directly from his office; remote personnel can access customer records and enter quotes and invoices; and business owners can view and print reports from home-all by securely accessing desktop-based Peachtree data via the Internet!

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