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Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2004 - Multi-User Value Pack (5-User) - Full Version - Retail Box.

(Click to Enlarge) Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2004 - Multi-User Value Pack (5-User) - Full Version - Retail Box.
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Part Number: VERDSTM04RT

Rebate Info: This Full Version includes $200 Upgrade Rebate (for previous users)Sale Price shown is Before any rebates (Rebate-Link)
Product Name: Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2004 - Multi-User Value Pack (5-User) - Full Version - Retail Box..

New! Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2004

Introducing Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2004! This new product integrates all of the comprehensive accounting features found in Peachtree Premium Accounting 2004 with specialized, industry-specific functionality to increase the productivity and efficiency of your distribution business.

Designed to meet the unique accounting needs of small distributors, Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2004 includes flexible price management, the ability to buy and sell in multi-quantity units, and a robust set of kit assembly tools to meet your light manufacturing needs. -- all designed to give you more control over key aspects of your distribution operations.

And as the size or nature of your distribution operation grows, be confident that there are even more powerful Best Software solutions to meet your needs. Transitioning from Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution to another Best Software solution, such as MAS 90, MAS 200, or MAS 500, is a seamless way to take your business to the next level. Learn more about Best Software's market-leading range of solutions that address the specialized and expanding requirements of diverse distribution companies by consulting one of our specialists.

Product Features

By integrating industry-specific functionality with Peachtree's award-winning accounting and business management capabilities, Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2004 can help you obtain a better understanding of your business so you can take your business forward! And in addition to providing added operational insight, you'll get helpful features like a Setup Guide and Preparation Checklist, Navigation Aids, Wizards, and a Guided Tour to get started quickly!

Easy Start-Up

Whether upgrading from another Peachtree product, switching from QuickBooks, or automating the accounting function for the first time, getting started with Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2004 is easy!

Distribution Guide

The included Distribution Guide flattens the learning curve by highlighting common issues that you face and the Peachtree features that can help solve them!

QuickBooks Conversion Utility

The built-in conversion for QuickBooks users quickly and completely converts a QuickBooks company to the Peachtree format, which eliminates the need to rekey financial data.

Sample Data

Industry-specific sample data provides real world examples in a learning environment to which distibutors can relate.

Chart of Accounts

A pre-built chart of accounts combined with the New Company Setup Wizard speeds the process of setting up a company for the first time in Peachtree! Answer a few questions, and Peachtree will have your company set up quickly and easily.

Extensive Help

Get the answers you need anyway you want to search for them! ! Whether you prefer to use context-sensitive on-screen help, browse the extensive documentation, or search by topic, Peachtree provides the help you need to quickly answer your questions.

Industry-Specific Features

Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2004 offers industry-specific tools designed to help you manage your supply chain and keep your operational costs down.

Automatically Manage Quantity Price Breaks

With the quantity pricing capability, you can easily specify up to 5 quantity ranges (per item) that will automatically trigger a percentage or dollar amount discount. Applying quantity discounts on the most commonly used forms is now a seamless, behind-the-scenes process. In fact, when you combine quantity discounts with Peachtree's already flexible pricing, you can specify up to 50 prices per item! Data entry will be both faster and more accurate when you let Peachtree 'do the math.'

Buy and Sell in Multi-Quantity Units

The multi-quantity feature allows you to buy and sell in quantities other than one! Receive goods in bulk quantity (i.e., by the case) from your suppliers then set up whatever shipping quantities (i.e., like a 3-pack) that make sense for resale! Once you've defined your most common shipping quantities, you can work with the actual shipping units that match your business. Whether you buy and sell inventory by the pallet, case, or by the each, Peachtree makes it faster, easier, and more accurate than ever before.

Enhanced Interface for Building Kit Assemblies

Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2004 has an interface for building and unbuilding kit assemblies to include the necessary components for a given job, as well as the quantities that are required. It's easy to build pre-assembled kits to maintain in stock for rapid sales delivery. If you need to use components for another order, simply disassemble finished kits and restock the components. Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution helps you manage the entire process by showing you exactly what components will be required (gained) before initiating a build (or unbuild) process!

Improved Bill of Materials Processing

To better handle all your kitting and assembly needs, each Bill of Materials can include up to 300 components and can be modified even after a kit assembly has been sold - meaning you no longer need to set up a brand-new assembly when components change. And all BOM changes are automatically logged in an on-screen revision history. When combined with the ability to create multi-level BOMs and even enter labor or outside services as a BOM component, managing your assembly process has never been easier or more flexible!

Pre-Built Operational Reports

By leveraging the power of the industry-leading reporting application, Crystal Reports for Peachtree, you can quickly and easily gain added insight into your sales and inventory with the following pre-built reports:
  • The Stock Status by Location Report is a more detailed Stock Status report, giving both the current on hand, current quantities on sales orders, and purchase orders, as well as a history of the item.
  • The Item Sales by Customer and Purchase Order Number Report displays item sales sorted by purchase order number.
  • The On Hand Detail Report details purchase information for inventory items.
  • The Assembly Planning Report displays bill of materials components for a selected kit assembly and a specified number of units to assemble.
  • The Assembly Pick List Report details bill of materials information for a selected kit assembly.

System Requirements

  • Customer registration and acceptance of the Peachtree Software License agreement required.
  • IBM Compatible 233 MHz Pentium computer minimum, IBM Compatible 350 MHz Pentium II or higher recommended.
  • Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98. or Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6. Product will not operate in a Windows Terminal Server Environment using Windows Terminal Services.
  • 64MB RAM Minimum, 128 recommended

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