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QuickBooks: Simple Start Edition For Windows Full Version - Retail Box.

(Click to Enlarge) QuickBooks: Simple Start Edition - Full Version - Retail Box
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Part Number: 291995

Product Name: QuickBooks: Simple Start Edition For Windows. Full Version - Retail Box.. .

Product Overview
Organize your business finances in 30 minutes! QuickBooks: Simple Start is the simplest way to manage sales, expenses and customers.

Simple Start is for first-time QuickBooks users only and cannot use information from QuickBooks 2004 versions or earlier.

Key Features and Benefits

Track money in, money out. Nothing falls through the cracks, and you can find everything instantly.
Create estimates, invoices and sales receipts. Simple Start automatically fills in frequently used names and addresses for you, helping to reduce typos and saving time.
Write checks, pay bills, record expenses. Work with everyday, familiar forms like checks that look just like paper checks.
Track customer payments. Payments are automatically applied against specific invoices.
Report tax totals instantly. No more tax-time scrambles. QuickBooks does all the math.
Run business reports such as Profit & Loss and Unpaid Invoices to see where you stand.
Start working immediately. Know how to use Simple Start the moment you launch it it's that easy!
Keep it simple. Get just what you need, just when you need it. No information overload.
Get answers. Learn from excellent two-minute tutorials, get onscreen Help, and get 30 days of support.
Work with familiar, everyday forms. No bookkeeping or accounting knowledge needed!
Track the right information, just the way accountants want it. It's real business accounting simplified!
Create business reports with one click. See where you stand instantly.
Work smarter. Get helpful tips for managing your business and taxes.

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