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WebAuthorize ICVerify Web Based Internet E-Commerce Software

(Click to Enlarge) WebAuthorize ICVerify Web Based Internet E-Commerce Software
(Click to Enlarge) WebAuthorize ICVerify Web Based Internet E-Commerce Software
(Click to Enlarge) WebAuthorize ICVerify Web Based Internet E-Commerce Software
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Product Name: WebAuthorize ICVerify Web Based Internet E-Commerce Software.

The WebAuthorize application offers merchants superior performance and support for all types of payment transactions, including virtual and physical selling locations, telephone order and mail order, that can be sent over the Internet to bank networks and processors

A Revolutionary Solution

The WebAuthorize application has revolutionized the payment transaction process, offering merchants high performance and a choice of dial-up, leased line or Internet based connections to bank networks. It is a highly robust, multi-threaded system that can send over 720 transactions per minute on a dedicated leased line -- resulting in a high performance payment server for enterprises. The WebAuthorize software uses the Internet to transport payment transactions directly to payment processors and is touted for rapid response times and high volume transaction processing capacity.

Support for Electronic Commerce Indicators

The WebAuthorize product supports the latest requirements from Visa to properly designate transactions entered through an Internet browser with a special "E-commerce indicator". This ensures that merchants using WebAuthorize software will not be unduly liable for the significant penalties that may be charged for failure to utilize these indicators.

Support for CVV2/CVC2

The WebAuthorize application also supports the latest requirements from Visa and MasterCard to capture additional credit card information for all transactions where the card is not physically present.

Integration Is Simple and Seamless

Integration with the WebAuthorize application is made simple through a wide range of programming interfaces, including an Active X Control, Sockets interface, JAVA API, C++ API, import and export capabilities, and a simple file request and response interface. The Developer's Toolkit has simple programmatic interfaces for seamless integration with the customer's payment applications. Microsoft Site Server, Commerce Edition, and the SAP R/3 enterprise application for e-commerce, are fully integrated with the WebAuthorize software.

Robust Architecture

The WebAuthorize product delivers high performance results to customers because of the breadth and depth of its architecture. The product has been benchmarked in field production to achieve 720 transactions a minute over the First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) Nashville network, for example.

Extensive Security Features

All credit card transactions and storage of credit card information are encrypted, including transactions from merchant to payment processors, from payment clients to the WebAuthorize software, and the credit card information within the transaction database.

Centralized Payment Applications

WebAuthorize software can integrate all payment applications - including your e-commerce site, call center, interactive response system and physical stores - within an enterprise into a single payment server. In addition:

  • Reconciliation is simple with a centralized transaction database
  • All payment transaction traffic can be sent over the company's local area network (LAN)
  • Individual modem phone lines to the bank can be eliminated

Improve Your Bottom Line with WebAuthorize Software

With the WebAuthorize product, enterprise merchants can help increase their negotiation power for a better discount rate from their banks, centralize their transaction databases and financial reporting, and reduce telecommunication cost.

WebAuthorize Product Features

  • Partial reversal capability (available on WebAuthorize server in conjunction with Nashville dial-up or leased line)
  • Compliance updates
  • MasterCard SIIP recurring billing for business type MO/TO
  • Visa commercial card sales tax edit (CARDnet/Nashville)
  • MasterCard INET identifying recurring payment transactions (CARDnet)
  • MasterCard Banknet recurring payment response (CARDnet)
  • CARDnet dial-up enhanced settlement
  • Visa new AVS response codes
  • Visa new commercial card BIN ranges
  • Purchase card level II support in WebClient transaction screen (CARDnet/Nashville)
  • Support for large number of
  • Full authorization and settlement functionality including sale, credit, void, authorize only, and post authorize for all major card types including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, Discover, and JCB
  • Purchase card functionality, including the ability to collect and pass Visa and MasterCard purchase card level II data
  • Automatic data archiving, the ability to store all transaction information indefinitely, including the ability to search that information for chargebacks and other information
  • Multi-merchant capability, the ability to provide separate processing and reporting for multiple merchant numbers from the same program
  • Full support for Retail and Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) business types, including Address Verification Services (AVS)
  • Online and batch processing capability
  • File import/export of all information required to process transactions utilizing standard and comma delimited file formats
  • Receipt printing using common printer types including page printers and 40-column roll paper printers
  • Support for a wide variety of modems with easy modem setup capability
  • Support for keyboard wedge card readers for input of track 1 and 2 data
  • Compliant with latest card association regulations. The product will help ensure that merchants are qualified for the best interchange rates for the transactions performed
  • Support for American Express and Discover split dial
  • Check processing support for TeleCheck and Telecredit
  • Context sensitive Help
  • Client/server architecture, multiple users on a LAN can access a single server, which has the modem connection to the bank network
  • Transaction log file
  • Support for request and response file integration
  • Support of programmatic interfaces, such as Active X Control, JAVA, C++, etc.
  • Support for leased line connections (additional cost)
  • Support for sending transactions to payment processors over the Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol (additional cost)
  • Encryption of credit card numbers and track 2 data during transmission between client and server
  • Support for Visa e-commerce indicator
  • Logon and password protection on a merchant basis

(Click to Enlarge) WebAuthorize ICVerify Web Based Internet E-Commerce Software
Product Name: WebAuthorize ICVerify Web Based Internet E-Commerce Software
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