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Timeslips 2005 Single User - Multi User Ready. Full Version - Retail Box

(Click to Enlarge) Timeslips 2005 Single User - Multi User Ready.  Full Version - Retail Box
Part Number: TSW2005RT
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Timeslips 2006 Single User - Multi User Ready. Full Version - Retail Box

(Click to Enlarge) Timeslips 2006 Single User - Multi User Ready - Full Version - Retail Box
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Part Number: TSW2006RT

Product Name: Timeslips 2006 Single User - Multi User Ready.. Full Version - Retail Box.

Timeslips Turns Time into Money

Timeslips has been established not only as a leader in time and billing software but also as the standard by which other time and billing products are measured. Timeslips offers a powerful and innovative feature set that can be found in no other product.

Having an effective time and billing system is an essential part of successfully running a service-based business. Timeslips is used by members of the legal industry, accountants, consultants and other service professionals to help manage their billable activities. With many exciting new and improved features, all developed with your business in mind, Timeslips 2006 helps you increase your productivity, become more efficient and produce more accurate billings so that you can capitalize on every opportunity to turn more of your time into money. Several new features also allow you to more easily adapt Timeslips 2006 to your organization's unique needs.

Feature Comparison Chart

Feature 2006 2005 2004 11.0 10.5
Navigator Menus
Security features
Procedures (Macros)
Navigator Editor
Percent-complete billing
Contingency billing
Billing Assistant
Slip List
Reports Wizard
Reprint old bills
Electronic billing [add-on]
Integrated phone dialing and slip creation
Bold, italics and underline texts
Text Search
Markup/Adjustments per slip
Up to 20 billing rates
30 custom fields
Custom report creation
Network Station Administrator
Mini Timeslips
Data verification and repair tools
Scalability / Features Enabled
Multiple timers on one station
Multiple retainer accounts
Adjustments by timekeeper
Rate overrides
Tax jurisdictions
Reverse Payments - i.e. bounced checks
Finance charge
Firm-wide budgeting
Connected databases for satellite offices
Audit Trails
Discounts on early payments
Bank deposit slips
Export bills to rich text format
Firm Assistant
Data Entry Assistant
Fee Allocation
$149.95 $149.95
Split Billing
$149.95 $149.95
Legal dictionary for spell checking
$99.95 $99.95
Time Sheet Slip Entry
Timeslips Today
Print to PDF
Send Bills/Statements by e-mail
My Lists
Windows® XP-certified
Two-way link with Peachtree
Two-way link with QuickBooks® Pro and QuickBooks Premier
$149.95 $149.95    
Microsoft® Outlook® link
Intuitive Bill Designer
Interactive Bill Preview
Back-dated A/R report
Missing Time report
Payment entry with invoice number search
Reprint bills to PDF
Intuitive Report Designer
Interactive Report Preview
Smart Configure
Reprint unpaid bills
Reprint bills to e-mail
Bill output to pre-printed forms
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