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HHP E-Safety Barcode Laser Scanner - Black USB

(Click to Enlarge) HHP E-Safety Barcode Laser Scanner - Black USB
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Product Name: HHP E-Safety Barcode Laser Scanner - Black USB.

Enables Drivers License Reading — Populate e-forms and verify identification with one simple scan, eliminating keyed-in data and paper forms. The 4600r delivers high performance reading of PDF417 codes commonly used on drivers’ licenses in the United States and Canada. This performance enables the 4600r to be used for auto-populating electronic forms (e-forms), used for credit card applications, extended warranties, and returned goods processes. Verification of personal identification also enables age validation for the sale of restricted goods.

Designed specifically for retail point of sale (POS) applications, the 4600r is optimized to deliver POS presentation scanning, with the value-add functionality only possible with a 2D imager.

Fast and Easy Presentation Scanning — High-performance “fly-by” scanning capability speeds-up processing items at check-out. The 4600r’s unique Streaming Presentation™ Mode feature, combined with its omni-directional reading capability, eliminates the need for operators to stop and hold an item in front of the scanner – simply swipe and go. In addition, the 4600r’s advanced illumination system is optimized for high performance applications that require presentation or “fly-by” scanning and the reading of highly reflective items.

Image Capture Capability — digitally capture signatures, take “snap-shots” of non-compliant bar code labels, plus a range of other applications.

The 4600r Advantage

Premium Features

High Performance and Versatile Data Collection: Adaptus Imaging 5.0 provides aggressive, omni-directional reading of all linear and 2D bar codes, plus digital image capture - enables you to collect and manage more data with a single device. Streaming Presentation™ Mode: The scanner is always on and ready to scan – making presentation and fl y-by reading easy and intuitive. Advanced Illumination System: Enables fast reading of bar codes that are swiped in front of the scanner and high performance on highly reflective items. Host Download: Enables the download of configuration changes or new application software directly from the host system to each scanner. Robust Image Processing Software: Advanced onboard software enables you to crop, rotate, enhance, and compress digital images, ensuring their usability. Built to Last: No moving parts to wear out, full impact resistant bumpers, and a 5-year warranty make the 4600r one of the toughest scanners on the market. Standard Features

Ease of Connectivity: All popular interfaces are on board. Visual Express™ software enables easy integration with Unifi ed POS (UPOS) standard and Windows® Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS) systems. Aiming Options: Several aiming options available to best fi t your application requirements and improve operator productivity. Common Cabling: Uses same cable solutions as our linear, 2D, and cordless imagers – simplifies ordering and spares pool management.

(Click to Enlarge) HHP E-Safety Barcode Laser Scanner - Black USB
Product Name: HHP E-Safety Barcode Laser Scanner - Black USB
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